Listen up, flavor adventurers! Dumont's creamery & cafe is your Willy Wonka's flavor extravaganza, where every sip and scoop is a taste of pure magic.

What chu want?

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Every day, we craft a creamy wonderland where freshness meets fun. Our ice creams are handmade with love, ensuring each scoop is a taste of pure delight.
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Our Bubble Tea selection is a grand celebration of the finest teas and quality ingredients, combined with an undeniable touch of fun and fabulousness.
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We proudly serve shade-grown Karafa coffee, a symbol of excellence and a shining example of sustainability. Our beans thrive under the protective canopy of trees
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History Crafted, Boundaries Transcended

The Dumont Story
In the heart of India, a visionary father dreamed of crafting the most delightful ice creams. This vision wasn’t his alone, it was a shared dream with his two sons, Vivek Inampudi and Bhaskar Inampudi. With their father’s idea as the spark, upon their return from the USA, the sons took the reins, shaping and expanding their father’s legacy.

Get ready to turn your taste adventure up a notch with Dumont Creamery and Coffee!

Ready To Ditch Bland And Embrace Flavorful Shenanigans? Dumont Creamery And Cafe Is Your Ticket To A Culinary Carnival!

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A Journey of Excellence

For the past 24 years, Dumont has been on an extraordinary journey, evolving from a small frozen dessert facility into a powerhouse in the world of premium ice cream production. What started as a dream to create exceptional frozen treats has transformed into a legacy of flavor and quality.