A Few Words About Us

History Crafted, Boundaries Transcended

The Dumont Story
In the heart of India, a visionary father dreamed of crafting the most delightful ice creams. This vision wasn’t his alone, it was a shared dream with his two sons, Vivek Inampudi and Bhaskar Inampudi. With their father’s idea as the spark, upon their return from the USA, the sons took the reins, shaping and expanding their father’s legacy.
From a modest ice cream unit, Vivek and Bhaskar Inampudi played a transformative role in elevating their father’s enterprise into Dumont, now one of India’s foremost ice cream manufacturers, boasting an array of over 250 unique flavors. Their state-of-the-art facility churns out 2000 liters of fresh ice cream every hour, and their workforce, notably including a strong representation of women, powers this dream.

The commitment to quality knows no bounds. Only the finest ingredients from across the globe are sourced, ensuring that each serving, each scoop, and each indulgent moment embodies something truly extraordinary.

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This tale began in India but transcended boundaries, leading Dumont to the United States, where it became synonymous with a celebration of excellence. Dumont isn’t just a cafe, it’s a legacy. In the USA, we present an array of delights, from the most exceptional coffee to delectable ice creams and even the enchanting world of bubble tea.
Our story is a blend of India’s rich traditions with the vibrant spirit of the USA. A visit to Dumont is an invitation to savor the sweetest moments, to partake in the delight, and to treasure life’s heartwarming experiences.