A Few Words About Us

Prepare for a frosty experience like no other!

At Dumont, we're all in for the chilly and creamy delight of ICE CREAM

From traditional classics to funky, fun flavors, we’ve got scoops that’ll tickle your taste buds and leave you craving for more. It’s a flavor explosion that you won’t want to miss.

Oh, but hold onto your cones, because there’s more! While ice cream is our star, we also whip up a mean cup of coffee and serve up refreshing bubble tea. We’re all about satisfying your cravings, whatever they may be.

So why wait? Come on over to Dumont and dive headfirst into a world of ice cream wonder. It’s sweet, it’s creamy, and it’s ready to make your day cooler! See you soon

Dumont Creamery & Cafe