Every sip tells a story of sustainability & has a deep connection with the Earth

In the heart of Dumont Creamery and Cafe, our journey with coffee is more than just brewing a cup of joe; it’s about weaving a tale of quality, sustainability, and unparalleled taste. Our quest led us across oceans and continents, to a discovery that now graces our coffee menu – the exceptional shade-grown coffee.
The journey of shade-grown coffee begins beneath the lush canopy of tropical forests. Karafa coffee beans thrive under the protective towering trees, a testament to nature’s impeccable design. As they bask in the gentle, dappled sunlight filtering through the leaves, these beans develop their unique character.
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The coffee bushes are thoughtfully planted and nurtured in the shadows of ancient giants, preserving the ecological harmony of these fragile ecosystems. This practice reduces the need for harmful pesticides, as the forest’s own ecosystem helps maintain a natural balance.
Shade-grown coffee beans are like green guardians of the earth. As they grow, they contribute to reforestation and habitat preservation. The lush forests around coffee farms serve as sanctuaries for countless species of birds, insects, and mammals, thriving in their natural habitat.
By choosing shade-grown coffee, Dumont participates in a larger story of planetary well-being. These beans represent our dedication to the preservation of rainforests and a pledge to make a difference.
Dumont’s Karafa coffee isn’t just a testament to sustainability; it’s also a celebration of diverse flavors. From the depths of a dark roast to the lively brightness of a medium roast, and the silky smoothness of a light roast, our coffee offerings are an invitation to journey through the rich tapestry of coffee flavors.
Every cup of Dumont’s shade-grown Karafa coffee tells a story. It’s a story of sustainability, dedication, and a deep connection with the earth. With each sip, you’re not just enjoying a delicious beverage; you’re participating in a global movement towards ethical coffee production and a greener future.