The Flavor Playground That'll Make Your Taste Buds Jump!

Listen up, ice cream adventurers and flavor thrill-seekers – Dumont’s Creamery is like Willy Wonka’s flavor factory on steroids! We’ve got ice creams that’ll have you questioning your life choices (in the best way possible), waffles that are so irresistible they should come with a warning label, and bubble tea that’s basically a flavor party in a cup.

And oh boy, the flavors! We’ve got more ice cream flavors than you have bad puns (okay, maybe not that many), waffle types that’ll redefine your breakfast game, and bubble tea choices that’ll make you reevaluate your relationship with regular drinks. So, if you’re ready to break up with bland and get into a serious flavor affair, welcome home.

Coffee Chronicles

Where Caffeine Meets Charisma
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Who needs a regular old cup of joe when you can have a cup of “Hello, Gorgeous!”? Dumont’s coffee collection is like a personality parade of caffeine goodness. We’ve got hot coffee that’ll make your morning more exciting than a surprise gift, hand brews that are like a cozy hug in a cup, and iced coffee that’s cooler than your Instagram feed.
But wait, there’s more! Our blended coffee creations are like the Avengers of the coffee world, while our cookie sandwiches and pastries are the sidekicks that steal the show. And yes, we’ve got savory sandwiches too – because life’s too short for boring lunches.
Dumont 2
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Oh, Did We Forget To Mention?

Our coffee beans are sourced from the mystical lands of shade-grown goodness, and they answer to the name “Karafa.” These beans have a story to tell – a tale of sustainable farming, bold flavor, and a journey that makes each sip feel like a chapter in a coffee adventure novel. Let the magic of Karafa beans elevate your coffee experience to new heights.

our taste buds are calling, and they’re ready to tango with Karafa’s captivating flavors. Ready to embark on a coffee escapade that’ll have your senses dancing? Let’s sip, swirl, and savor the stories of coffee magic!

Scoop Shops

Where Every Scoop Is A Flavor Revelation!

Calling all ice cream enthusiasts and flavor fanatics – your happy place just got a makeover! Dumont’s Scoop Shops are where ice cream dreams come true, one scoop at a time. From classic flavors that’ll have you reminiscing about your childhood to wild concoctions that’ll have you questioning the very fabric of reality, we’re scooping up stories of taste that’ll leave you wanting more.